Signs that your roof system is not protecting your home. 

The most important… missing cracked or curling shingles. this means that shingles have reached the end of their useful life, or have been installed over other layers that has cut the life expectancy of the shingle or has incurred storm damage. If you have high energy costs a possible cause is insufficient attic insulation, or ventilation that causes your heating and cooling system to run excessively. If you have dark or dirty looking areas on your roof, possibly staining from trees, or a loss of granules, do to premature aging of shingles or the age of shingles. If you have stains on the interior ceilings and walls, or if you have mold or mildew growth, and bad odors or musty smells. If you have leakage in the attic after rain you have inadequate shingle under layment or deteriorated flashing. if you have a Listerine or peeling paint outside your home, or if you have stained colored siding or aluminum flashing that is discolored in adequate or faulty shingle, or inadequate ventilation causing heat loss which causes condensation in the attic. Roof shingles, sheeting, and siding Decay is mainly caused from poor attic insulation or ventilation. A new roof was more than just shingles There are many aspects above your ceilings that come into play like having an expert roofing contractor Rochester NY like Top to Bottom Home Improvement Company, LLC.